The Braces Bracelets!

Fun Stretchy Bracelets that look like real orthodontic products


Fun, long lasting, collectable, tradable bracelets made from Real braces!


A great giveaway for your patients and referrals


Stylish and cool, Bracedlets are always a hot topic

Benefits to Business

Happy Patients

Happy patients refer patients. Bracedlets are an easy, inexpensive way to welcome patients or give rewards.

Referral Card

Attach a Bracedlet to your referral card, increase the likelihood that your card is handed out to the patient.

All the Buzz

Become the buzz in your town.

What You Get

Our fun stretchy bracelets are made from real orthodontic materials. Bracedlets come in assorted color combinations, 5 of each color combination.

100pc of 20 assorted color combinations $200.00 USD
200pc of 40 assorted color combinations $400.00 USD

*If you'd like to sell Braced-Lets in your store or shop, or simply to your friends, family, PTA, school, team, or any other organization that rocks, we'd love to make it happen for you. Please email for more information on distribution.

The Buzz

THE GORGEOUS SELENA GOMEZ wearing a yellow and turquoise Braced-let!!!
KATY PERRY is wearing Braced-Lets in her new music video 'Wide Awake'!
Check out Ashley Keating rocking Braced-lets!!!